At the heart of the city…

On the site of one of St.Jerome’s gems, the old REX theater, we are creating a unique space, where people from everywhere, young and old, rich and poor, students, entrepreneurs, marginalized, families and children, will be able to meet and discover, or rediscover Jesus.  We believe that the fascinating life of Jesus, his death by crucifixion and his coming back to life 3 days later, have the power to change our lives and our city.


ecclesia-pinHowever, let’s face it, a building can become a church’s worst nightmare.  It is not unusual for a church to suck all the people’s money and resources.  That is why we’ve resisted the temptation to purchase land or property outside of the city.

We firmly believe this place is the most strategic for Jesus’s mission.  First of all, the old REX theatre is located right in the heart of the city, on the main street, rue Saint-Georges, right across the college campuses, night clubs and city institutions, just in the middle of our city’s planned arts and knowledge district.  In making this building our headquarters, we continually mingle with all kinds of people’s sufferings and dreams.

We would never want to serve a building, rather our desire is for this building to serve Jesus Christ’s mission in this city.

Also, once completed, the renovations will allow us to host gospel-centered gatherings, training, conferences, concerts, meals as well as offer our rooms for rent.  All that in the heart of the city.  For the good of the city.  For the glory of Jesus.


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